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I'm a VOLUNTEER with a medical condition looking for the right clinical trial for me.

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I'm a RESEARCHER in a quest for a cure, looking for the best volunteer for my clinical trial.

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ClinicalSolutions.io helps you connect with the right medical trial for your condition with JUST ONE-CLICK


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Only share the information that you want, and keep the rest safe and private. All your medical data is stored in HlPAA compliant servers.


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Learn about the clinical trial upfront, then decide if you want to participate. We never share your data without your express consent.


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We do all the tedious and hard work for you. By running all the screening and prequalification process with just one-click.


Quick, clear and simple

All you do is accept or decline your matches, no need for complicated search features.


Monitoring and screening

We never rest in the quest of finding the best match for you with real-time alerts.


One-click API

With our API you can publish and/or apply for clinical trials on any third party website. Privately, safely and with just one-click.

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